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work wheels website

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work wheels website - Olympia Tool

Olympia Tool 85-010 Grand Pack-N-Roll Portable Tool Carrier, Black

Olympia Tool 85-010 Grand Pack-N-Roll Portable Tool Carrier, Black

This product is considered the most compact and convenient cart on the market at this time! Each Pack N Roll is equipped with an aluminum telescoping handle and a comfortable contoured plastic grip. The polypropelene plastic frame is durable and lightweight. It has smooth rolling rubber tires including a Snap On side support mechanism. This portable cart collapses into an easy carrying compact case. The Grand Pack N Roll is very adaptable to multiple uses: school, grocery, fishing, tail gating, office, movers, shopping, tool box, laundry and travel.

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KW Wheel of Felons 1

KW Wheel of Felons 1

This shot of mine was on Wheel of Fortune tonight 02/17/09. Talk about excitement, how about seeing a shot you took on a TV show that you have watched almost your entire life and your photo credit in the show credits....YAY

The shot was taken for the newspaper(s) that I freelance for in my area. The shot was used in "The Capital" which is based out of Annapolis, MD and "The Maryland Gazette" which is based out of Glen Burnie. Also the Sheriffs office was granted permission by me to use it in their inter-office website, so you can imagine my excitement when the Sheriff called and wanted to make sure it was ok to give my contact info to the people at The Wheel of Fortune as they wanted to use it on-air.

10/22/08: Pat Sajak and Sheriff Ron Bateman, posed for a quick shot on Wednesday in Glen Burnie at the Emergency Services Building. Mr. Sajak was there helping to promote the "Wheel of Felons", which will be featured on County TV. (Photo by: Katrina Williams for the Capital)

(On a side note: I am going to try and upload the shots that are in the paper and the info, so you can see a little more into my freelance work.......Check Back Soon)

The Sheffield Wheel

The Sheffield Wheel

Sheffield Stan doing his stuff outside the Town Hall - the Wheel of Sheffield is in the background

This image is published under a Creative Commons License (Some Rights Reserved). Please make sure you credit me if using my work, and if possible link back to either my Flickr stream or my website. I'd love to know how you've used my work, so get in touch and show me!!

work wheels website

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